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Offender Services
To provide cost-effective alternative monitoring services to the Courts while maintaining safety for the community, staff, and offenders.

The Offender Services Division offers a wide array of alternative sentencing options to local judges as well as services for inmates.

A judge may recommend or approve a particular program during a sentencing hearing, however, based on a detailed screening process, the final decision concerning entry into any program is that of the offender services division.

Work Crew
Community Service/Out-of-Custody Offender Services coordinates a community service program that serves lower court offenders.  This program provides individuals who do not have the financial resources to pay court fines with the opportunity to work off those costs.  In some cases low-risk offenders are allowed credit towards their jail sentence for community service hours.
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Electronic Home Monitoring 
An alternative sentencing program which is done in the client’s home and provides electronic means to monitor compliance to Electronic Home Monitoring rules without an officer being present to monitor one 24 hours a day. This is done by the client wearing a special ankle bracelet. Clients who qualify for EM are placed on strict schedules that are either work or treatment related.

If you are expecting to be sentenced to jail time and would like to take advantage of the Electronic Home Monitoring Program, you MUST pre-qualify. Failure to pre-qualify greatly reduces the possibility of entry into the program. More information...

Pretrial Release Supervision  
The pretrial release program averages approximately 140 participants seen weekly. These are persons who have been released from jail pending trial and have been court-ordered to comply with specific conditions while on release.  

Violation of conditions results in a bond revocation, appearing immediately in front of the Judge and usually the individual being returned to custody.  

Inmate Counseling Services
The jail also employs full time mental health staff to address the mental health issues of inmates on a daily basis. Staff also works with the medical department to assess mental health medication needs. 
Inmate Educational Programs  
The following programs/classes are offered at the Cowlitz County Jail: 
  • Domestic Violence    
  • Hope Project
  • Anger Management 
  • Drug and Alcohol       

    Bible Study
    AA meetings

    Day Reporting
This option continues to be available as a sentencing alternative, but is only used on occasion by local Judges.  In this program, Judges order offenders to report daily with Offender Services staff, submit to urinalysis or breathalyzer testing, comply with a prescribed treatment plan, work on completing their GED, find gainful employment and any other conditions that the court may set in lieu of jail time. They receive credit towards their sentence day for day.  Participants pay for being on the program at a rate of $10.00 per day. Any costs they are unable to pay are billed to the municipalities.

Contact Us
Marin Fox
360-577-3094 ext. 2217

Programs Manager 
Jeremy Ehrmantrout
360-577-3118 ext.2118

Terance Arakaki 
360-577-3087 ext. 2255

Counselor & Pre-Trial Release Officer
Kirsten Cain 
360-577-3087 ext. 5501

Screening Officer
Ed Sanders 
360-577-3087 ext. 7503

Out of Custody Work Crew, Community Service & Electric Monitoring Officer
Kelly Lofgren 
360-577-3087 ext. 3105

General Info
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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