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Interlocal Agreement

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Prior to 1991, the City of Longview owned, operated and managed a communications center, housed in the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice, for the purpose of receiving and transmitting emergency and other information by radio, telephone and other means. As this communications center developed, it became more widely used, more emergency agencies became participants in the center, and its means of communication became more sophisticated and modern. In 1991, the ownership, operation and management of the Communications Center transferred to and became an agency and department of Cowlitz County, Washington.

 Since 1991, Cowlitz County has owned, operated and maintained said communications center for the purpose of serving the needs of the general public as well as fire, police, medical emergency and other governmental services throughout the geographic area of the county, and beyond. This center is designed to receive information by telephone, radio, and computer (electronic) and to transmit information by the same means. The service rendered by this center is of great value to the general public, enabling a single "9-1-1" call to be made for any perceived emergency need from any location throughout the area of the county. This service is also of importance to all emergency and governmental agencies, enabling them to receive prompt notification of emergency situations; details regarding the nature of such situations; the locations and the quickest routes to such locations; and to provide for the dispatch of appropriate emergency or police response agencies and personnel in the most efficient manner.

here to view or print the entire inter-local agreement in PDF format)


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