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Applications in Review
Tulip Meadows Rural Subdivision
South Pekin Road, Woodland
Staff Report
    Exhibit A
    Exhibit B
    Exhibit C
    Planning Commission Minutes
    Planning Commission Letter of Transmittal
    BOCC Agenda Summary for April 11, 2017 Hearing
    Notice of Preliminary Approval and Conditions

Millennium Bulk Terminals
4029 Industrial Way, Longview

Kalama Manufacturing & Marine Export Facility
NWIW, Port of Kalama - West Marine Dr, Kalama

NEIMAN / SEPA-DNS 17-03-2425_Large Lot & Moratorium Lift (Exp 4/19/17)
502 Confer Road, Kalama

THOMAS / SEPA-DNS 16-09-4317_Large Lot (6 Lots) (Exp 4/26/17)
Hansen Ext Road. Woodland

HORSLEY / SEPA-DNS 17-03-2555_ Short Plat (2 lots) (Exp 5/2/17)
7455 Old Pacific Highway North, Castle Rock

BARNES / Young  #17-03-2400 Type 1 Variance  (Exp 5/3/17)
180 Lazy Rd. Longview

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