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Permit Process

What to Expect in the Permit Process:

Permit processes flow very similarly regardless of what type of permit you are obtaining. The following steps represent what the typical process is for obtaining the appropriate permits for building a single family residence.

    1. Apply for a Planning Clearance. You may check the status of your parcel online via EPIC
        Planning Clearance is the first step in nearly all permitting processes completed in the Department. 

     2. Submit Septic Design and Water Application-
    The Water and Septic Approval/Permitting Processes are now independent processes administered by the 
    Environmental Health Unit (EHU) of the Health Department. Please visit them online or at their Permit Counter 
    for more information.

    3. Permit Issuance
         When all reviews are completed for your structure, including building, engineering and fire code reviews, your 
        Building Permits can be issued.

    4. Construction and Inspection
        When your permits are issued, you will be given a copy of the permit and all approved plans that will be kept on 
        site and used by the Building Inspector as your construction project is completed and inspections are made.

    5. Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy
        When all construction, fire, and septic inspections are complete and all permit conditions, if any, have been met,
         your final inspection will be completed and your permit status will be changed to "final." The Building Official will
        issue a Certificate of Occupancy.                  

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