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The Cowlitz County Board of Commissioners adopts the fee schedule for each division of the Building and Planning Department annually. Many projects will entail multiple review and permitting processes and be subject to a variety of fees. Please contact the Permit Technician for an estimate of your total fees.

Fee Schedules for each Division:

2017 Planning and Environmental Fees

2016 Building Fees Calculator
Excel spreadsheet format.  For estimated cost only, actual permit fees may vary.  This does not include any planning or environmental fees. 

Building Fee "Cheat Sheet"
Estimated permit costs for common permit types.  Fees are typical, and do not include potential planning or environmental fees.

Scope and Valuation - 2017
A good place to start for reviewing the fee structure

Building Valuation/Fees - Table A-1
Table relating project valuation with building permit fee.

Building Permit Fees - Table B-1
Basic outline of building permit fees.

Excavation/Grading Permit Fees - Table G-1

Mechanical Permit Fees - Table M-1

Plumbing Permit Fees - Table P-1

Fire Code Permit Fees - Table F-1

* Please contact the Health Department's EHU Division for current septic and water permitting fees

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