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Volunteer Boards & Committees
The Cowlitz County Commissioners appoint members to various Boards and Commissions. Each Board and Committee has a specific purpose and is governed by operating statutes. Serving on a Board or Committee affords citizens the opportunity to participate in the countywide effort to address important issues.

Applications are available in the Commissioners Office, Administration Building, 207 4th Avenue North, Kelso, or you can download it here.  Applications for vacancies may be faxed, mailed, or delivered to the Commissioners' Office unless otherwise noted. All members must be registered voters, residents of Cowlitz County, and if applicable, reside in the area they represent. Members serve without compensation unless otherwise noted.

The following Boards and Committees are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners unless otherwise noted:

Big Idea Board
Collaborative partnership for the promotion of tourism and for the acquisition, construction or operation of tourism-related facilities to stimulate the local economy for the benefit of businesses an citizens of their individual entities and for Cowlitz County a whole. Contact Tourism at 360-577-3137 for additional information.

Board of Equalization
Terms are 3 Years - Expire in January - Meet during July, August, September, October, November and December
Hears property tax appeals and complaints regarding Assessor's determination of property value. Should be knowledgeable about property values. RCW 84.48.010.   Contact Building and Planning at 360-577-3052 for additional information.

Boundary Review Board
Terms are 4 Years - Expire in January - Meet as needed
Reviews, upon request, (RCW 36.93.100) and makes decisions concerning boundary changes, including annexation, specific water sewer extensions, incorporations, dissolutions and disincorporations of jurisdictions and creations, partial mergers and consolidations of special purpose districts (RCW 36.93). Contact Building and Planning at 5360-577-3052 for additional information.

Building and Planning Advisory Council
Terms are 4 Years 
Review of the department's work plan, stakeholder and customer input practices, service levels, process performance, implementation of new technology and customer service strategies.  Contact Building and Planning at 577-3052 for additional information.

Civil Service Commission for Sheriff's Department
Terms are 6 Years - Expire in December.  Meet the 1st Monday of the month at 9 am. 
A quasi-judicial position. Sets rules and regulations for examinations, gives tests and certifies eligibility lists. Keeps records. Makes sure Sheriff's Dept. has sound personnel practices. Hears and determines appeals of complaints. RCW 41.14.060.  Contact the Sheriff's Office at 360-577-3092 for additional information.

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee
Terms are 4 Years
Consists of no more than fifteen (15) voting members.  Responsibilities include bringing together the views of various stakeholder groups and the public at large regarding the comprehensive plan, determining methods of public involvement, and providing direction for implementing the comprehensive plan work program.  Contact Building and Planning at 360-577-3052 for additional information.

Current Use Advisory Committee
Pursuant to RCW 84.34.145 the county legislative authority shall appoint a five member committee representing the active farming community within the county to serve in an advisory capacity to the assessor in implementing assessment guidelines as established by the department of revenue for the assessment of open space, farms and agricultural lands, and timber lands classified under this chapter.  Contact Cowlitz County Assessor at 360-577-3010 for additional information.

Fair and Rodeo Board - (Open positions)
Terms are 4 Years - Expire in October - Meet last Tuesday of month at 6:00 p.m.
Responsible for making recommendations for the general development, production and operation of the fair and rodeo. Contact Expo Center at 360-577-3137 for additional information.

Health and Human Services Advisory Board
The Health and Human Services Advisory Board (HHSAB) meets at 1:00 pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the General Meeting Room at the Cowlitz County Administration Building.  The Board advises on matters pertaining to overall health and wellbeing of Cowlitz County residents, including community health, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, and environmental health related topics.  Contact Health & Human Services at 360-414-5599 for additional information.

Homeless Housing Task Force (new board)
To provide input on the ongoing development of a ten-year homeless housing plan to address homelessness in Cowlitz County.  The Task Force has no more than 15 members consisting of representation meeting the requirements outlined in RCW 43.185C.160.  Contact Health & Human Services at 360-414-5599 for additional information. 

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (Open position - collector of tax)
Advises on new lodging tax, increase in rate of lodging tax, repeal of an exemption from lodging tax, or a change in the use of revenue received from lodging tax. Committee consists of at least five members. Two members who are representatives of businesses required to collect tax under RCW 67.28; two members who are involved in activities that can be funded by revenue received under RCW 67.28, and one elected official of the county who serves as chair. Membership on the committee will be reviewed annually and adjustments made accordingly.  Contact the Board of Commissioners at 360-577-3020 for additional information.

Mosquito Control District
Terms are 2 years - Expire in February - Meet 2 to 4 times per year
Operates, maintains, and supervises the services and facilities necessary to control mosquito populations. RCW 17.28.160.  Contact Mosquito Control at 360-423-5311 for additional information.

Noxious Weed Control Board
Terms are 4 Years - Expire in February - Meet 2nd Wednesday 6:00 p.m.
Assists in educating the public concerning all types of control of noxious weeds. Applications must have some knowledge of noxious weeds. RCW 17.10.  Contact the Noxious Weed Board at 360-577-3117 for additional information.

Park & Recreation Advisory Board
Terms are 6 Years - Expire in June - Meet 2nd Tuesday 5:30 p.m.
Advises on acquisition, improvement and maintenance of county parks, playgrounds and facilities. Contact Facilities Maintenance at 360-577-3174 for additional information.

Planning Commission
Terms are 4 Years - Expire in January - Meet 3rd Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
Reviews land use related applications, new regulatory guidelines and proposed ordinance updates in unincorporated areas of the county.  Contact Building and Planning at 360-577-3052 for additional information.

Public Facilities District Board
Terms are 4 Years - Expire in February - Meet 2nd Wednesday 3:00 p.m. at Regional Conference Center
To govern the Cowlitz County Public Facilities District which will promote the best interest of the citizens of the county by facilitating the potential future development of sports facilities, entertainment facilities, convention facilities, or regional centers. RCW 36.100.010.  Contact Expo Center at 360-577-3137 for additional information.

Rural Partial-County Library District Board of Trustees
Terms are 5 Years - Expire in December - Can Serve No More than Two Consecutive Terms
West Longview, Lexington, Columbia Heights area. Manage and control the district and finances, submit a budget annually and set the tax levy. Applicants must reside in the district. Contact the Board of Commissioners at 360-577-3020 for additional information.

Salary Commission
Terms are 4 years.  Meet yearly in April.  Set the salaries of the County Commissioners and certain other elected officials.  Contact Human Resources at 360-577-3065 for additional information.  Committee consists of 10 members.  Six of the 10 members are selected by lot by the County Auditor.  The remaining 4 represent the following sectors: Business, professional personnel management, legal profession, and organized labor.

Silver Lake Watershed Advisory Council
Terms are 4 Years - Meet at 6 pm the 4th Thursday of the month at Toutle High School library.
Responsibilities include review the plans adopted for the betterment of Silver Lake, recommendations for testing and monitoring, long-range planning for the watershed, coordination of partners and agencies concerned with the lake, and prioritization for implementing solutions; members must reside or own property in the Silver Lake Watershed;  Contact WSU Extension Office at 360-577-3014 for additional information.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee (open position representing citizens)
Terms are 2 Years - Expire in March - Meet 2 - 4 times a year
Assists in the development of solid waste handling programs and policies, review and comment on proposed rules, policies or ordinances prior to adoption. RCW 70.95.   Contact Public Works Department at 360-577-3030 for additional information.

Stormwater Advisory Committee (Open position)
Terms are 3 Years.  Contact Public Works Department at 360-577-3030 for additional information.

Veterans Advisory Board
Terms are 4 Years - Expire in October - Meets the fourth Thursday of every January, April, July and October at 3:15 p.m. at the Cowlitz County Health & Human Services building.  Advises the Board of Commissioners on the needs, the resources available, and programs that could benefit the needs of local indigent veterans and their families. Only veterans are eligible to serve as board members and should belong to a nationally recognized veteran service organization.  Contact Health and Human Services Department at 360-414-5599 for additional information.

Yale Valley Library District Trustee (1 opening)
Terms are 5 Years - Can serve no more than two consecutive terms
Manage and control the district and finances, submit a budget annually and set the tax levy. Applicants must reside in the district. Contact Yale Valley Rural Library District at 1-800-921-6211 for additional information.


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