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ACAC Meeting Minutes
What is the ACAC?

The ACAC is The Accessible Communities Advisory Committee. Members of this committee include individuals with, and people who provide accommodations to individuals with, diverse disabilities. The purpose of this committee is to advise the Auditor and the Elections Office on ways to improve the accessibility of elections for voters with disabilities.

Minutes for the past meetings can be found below. If you need this information in a format not on our website, please contact our office.

2019: March 21st

2018: April 5th
           September 24th

2017: March 30th
           July 18th

2016: March 22nd
           September 21st
2015: July 14th
           October 13th

2014: September 30th

2013: February 20th
           May 30th
           October 23rd

2012: February 8th
           August 1st

2011: January 28th
          March 22nd
          August 11th
          November 4th
          December 15th

2010: February 8th
            March 15th
            August 12th
            October 21st

2009: January 14th
            May 15th
            July 9th
            October 26th

2008: January 10th
            March 26th
            August 13th
            October 31st

2007: May 23rd
            October 25th

2006: July 19th
            October 13th
            December 12th


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