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Resolutions 2019
19-001 Ordinance to revise portions of Chapter 6.20.020 of the Cowlitz County Code regarding Noxious Weed District Boundary descriptions
19-002 Authorizing a loan from the General  Fund to the Industrial Accident Fund in an amount not to exceed $100,000
19-003 Fixing weight restrictions on Barns Drive Bridge, a county owned bridge, pursuant to RCW 36.75.270
19-004 Rescinding Resolution No. 18-134 and approving a revised 2019 Fee Schedule for Building & Planning Fees which includes fees for expedited building plan review for residential, commercial and industrial projects; GIS map printing and hourly work; and correct a fee on the planning fee sheets for critical areas site visits
19-005 Dissolving the GIS Petty Cash Fund
  Call for Public Hearing - Proposed surplus and disposition of county owned property; hearing to be held February 5, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
  Appointing Dr. Alan Melnick, MD, MPH as interim local Health Officer for Cowlitz County effective January, 22, 2019


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