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Resolutions 2019
19-001 Ordinance to revise portions of Chapter 6.20.020 of the Cowlitz County Code regarding Noxious Weed District Boundary descriptions
19-002 Authorizing a loan from the General  Fund to the Industrial Accident Fund in an amount not to exceed $100,000
19-003 Fixing weight restrictions on Barns Drive Bridge, a county owned bridge, pursuant to RCW 36.75.270
19-004 Rescinding Resolution No. 18-134 and approving a revised 2019 Fee Schedule for Building & Planning Fees which includes fees for expedited building plan review for residential, commercial and industrial projects; GIS map printing and hourly work; and correct a fee on the planning fee sheets for critical areas site visits
19-005 Dissolving the GIS Petty Cash Fund
19-006 Call for Public Hearing - Proposed surplus and disposition of county owned property; hearing to be held February 5, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
Appointing Dr. Alan Melnick, MD, MPH as interim local Health Officer for Cowlitz County effective January, 22, 2019
19-007 Amending Chapter 1.24, of County Code to address policy making discretion of currently elected Board
19-008 Opposing implementation of Washington State Initiative I-1639 which restricts individual rights as protected by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution
19-009 Call for Public Hearing - Proposed surplus of vehicles and equipment for disposal; Hearing to be held February 12, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
19-010 Proclamation declaring February as National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
19-011 Establishing alternative official public meeting place pending repairs to facilitate public access beginning February 19, 2019
19-012 Surplus property and approval for sale to other governmental agency or disposal of county owned property
19-013 Increasing fees for overnight camping at Harry Gardner Park from $20 to $25
19-014 Affidavit of the Cowlitz Treasurer for the cancellation of uncollectible personal property pursuant to RCW 84.56.240
19-015 Declaring vehicles and equipment surplus and approval for disposal according to County Property Management Policy
19-016 Emergency Declaration due to flooding
19-017 Adopting specific findings establishing “Interim Official Controls” related to special uses, with a mining subsection, and to establish local land use controls for such activities, pursuant to Article 11, Section 11 of Washington State Constitution and RCW 36.70A.390, 36.70.795, 35A.63.220, and 35.63.200; and all upon a declaration of emergency
19-018 Supplementing “Interim Official Controls” related to special uses and containing a mining subsection with local land use controls for such mining subsection, special use activities, pursuant to Article 11, Section 11 of Washington State Constitution and RCW 36.70A.390, 36.70.795, 35A.63.220, and 35.63.200; and all upon a declaration of emergency
19-019 Rescinding Emergency Resolution No. 19-016 dealing with urban and lowland flooding
19-020 Call for hearing to consider funding a Community Development Block Grant 2019 Public Service on behalf of Lower Columbia CAP; Hearing to be held March 12, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. in the Cowlitz County Historical Museum, 405 Allen Street, Kelso
19-021 Resolution with Certifications of Compliance for CDBG Public Services Grant Only
19-022 Setting a Hearing to Consider Establishing a New Fund or Department
19-023 Rescinding and Replacing Resolution 09-069 Compensation for District Court Judges Pro Tempore
19-024 Known as 911 Excise Taxes under Fund 17001-535100 Establishing Budget for Department
19-025 County Amended Six Year Transportation Improvement Program for the Period 2019-2024
19-026 Call for Closed Record Public Hearing - West Place Subdivision submitted by Fat Pup, LLC; Urban Subdivision Case No. 1770.01; Hearing to be held April 9, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.  in the Cowlitz County Museum 
19-027 Local Emergency regarding Wildfire in Cowlitz County
19-028 Initiating a County Road Project Designated as C.R.P. No. 763; Project No. 1239
19-029 Proclaiming April as Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month and April 7 through April 13, 2019 as National Crime Victims' Rights Week
19-030 Rescinding Emergency Resolution No. 19-027 regarding wildfire in Cowlitz County
19-031 Adopting the Amended Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for Cowlitz County for the years 2019-2024
19-032 Rescinding Alternative Official Public Meeting Place Following Repairs to Facilitate Public Access
19-033 Setting an Open Record Legislative Hearing Date to Consider Extending the Interim Official Controls relating to a mining subsection of Special Use Chapter CCC 18.01 
19-034 Adopt Voting Precinct Boundaries in Cowlitz County
19-035 Setting a Public Hearing for the purpose of receiving testimony regarding rural partial county library district - Woodland area
EMSD 19-001 Resolution of the County Board of Commissioners of Emergency Medical Service Dist. 1, providing for the submission to the qualified electors of the district at an election to be held with the district on Aug. 6, 2019, of a proposition authorizing the renewal of the levy of a regular property tax. Assessed valuation each year for ten consecutive years beginning in 2020. RCW 84.52.069
19-036 Setting a Hearing to Consider Amendments to the 2019 Cowlitz County Budget 
19-037  Continuing "Interim Official Controls" Related to Special Uses and Containing a Mining Subsection, with Local Use Controls for Such Special Use Activities, Pursuant to Article 11, Section 11 of Wa. Const., and RCW 36.70A.390, 36.70.795, 35A.63.220, and 35.63.200
19-038 Adopting Specific, Further Findings after Public Hearing on Extending "Interim Official Controls" Related to Special Uses, with a Mining Subsection, and to Establish Local Land Use Controls for Such Activities, Pursuant to Article 11, Section 11 of Washington State Constitution and RCW 36.70A.390, 36.70.795, 35A.63.220 and 35.63.200
BOH 19-002 Resolution in the matter of dissolving the Regional Health & Human Services Advisory Board
BOH 19-003  Resolution Appointing Local Health Officer
19-039 Proclamation Proclaiming May, 2019 as National Drug Court Month in Cowlitz County
19-040  Proclamation Proclaiming the week of May 12-18, 2019 as Police Week in Cowlitz County
19-041 Adopting Amendment to the 2019 Cowlitz County Budget 
19-042 Setting an Open Record Public Hearing Date to consider adoption of Chapter 12.65 regarding use of Wheeled All-Terrain vehicles on unincorporated public roads

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