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2019 Interlocal Agreements
1-8-19 Interlocal Agreement with the City of Kelso for bridge inspection services.  The City will reimburse the County based on the actual cost of services rendered including overhead

Interlocal Agreement with Cowlitz Conservation District for plantings and associated preparation, monitoring and maintenance for Cowlitz County Department of Public Works projects as needed; maximum compensation for all tasks shall be $50,000

2-5-19 Interlocal Agreement regarding Event Center Property exchange between the City of Longview and Cowlitz County
2-5-19 Interlocal Agreement for Transfer and Administration of County Enhanced 911 Excise Taxes
2-13-19 Interlocal Agreement between City of Longview, Cowlitz County and Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue regarding the Annexation of the West Longview area signed by the Board Chairman on February 13, 2019
3-5-19 Interlocal Agreement between Cowlitz County and the City of Kelso for the purpose of each agency providing to the other, administrative or engineering services, construction and maintenance services, as needed; total of all services provided from one agency to the other shall not exceed $160,000 per calendar year. 
4-2-19  Intergovernmental Agreement with Port of Longview for the Cowlitz County Work Crew to plant native species and remove unwanted weeds from Willow Grove Mitigation site.  The Port will pay for services for the entire crew at the rate of $55 per hour.  Effective for one year and will automatically renew annually for an additional one-year term for a period of five years 
4-23-19 Interlocal Agreement is made and entered into pursuant to Chapter 39.34 of the Revised Code of WA between Count and Castle Rock Chamber. 

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