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Salary Commission
Salary Commission
Meet:  Yearly in April in the Human Resources Office, 3rd floor, County Administration Building, 207 4th Avenue North, Kelso. 

Terms: 4 years - Expire in December. 

Purpose: Set the salaries of the County Commissioners. Committee consists of 10 members.  Six of the 10 members are selected by lot by the County Auditor.  The remaining 4 represent the following sectors: Business, professional personnel management, legal profession, and organized labor. 

Contact Human Resources at 360-577-3065 for additional information. 

Alan Engstrom, representing Legal, term expires 12-31-2020
Chris Smith, representing Personnel, term expires 12-31-2020
Marianne Powers, Auditor Lot Draw District 1, term expires 12-31-2020
Marlene Jones, Auditor Lot Draw District 2, term expires 12-31-2020
Courtney Rawson, Auditor Lot Draw District 2, term expires 12-31-2020
Richard Dreier, representing organized labor, term expires 12-31-2019
Timothy Watson, Auditor Lot Draw District 1, term expires 12-31-2018
Susan Mathes, Auditor Lot Draw District 3, term expires 12-31-2018
Richard  Gushman, representing business, term expires 12-31-2021
Leah McElyea, Auditor Lot Draw District 3, term expires 12-31-2020


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