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Records Requests
Please be aware, we only have access to Longview Police Department and Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office police reports. We do not have access to dispositions or court records. Below is the link for the public disclosure form to request a copy of a law enforcement report from our department. You can print our form and mail, bring into our office in person or you can email it directly to us. We have five business days to respond after receipt of your request. Please note that if a valid address, email or phone number is not submitted your request will not be processed.
Click here for the
Public Disclosure Request Form

**Please note fee changes below**

The fee for providing copies of certain public records may be set by state statute.  For all copies of reports 30 pages or longer, there is a fee of $.15 per page or $.10 per page for scanned materials.  All actual postage charges are applicable.



Note:  In order to pay for a public disclosure you must submit a request for a copy of your report, it must be approved and a DS # (Dissemination Number) must be assigned.  The DS # will be provided to you by a Records Specialist at time of approval.

As a convenience to the public, Public Disclosure Requests charges for Cowlitz County Law Enforcement Records can now be paid with credit/debit cards through a private credit service.  Our card service provider is nCourt.  Please be aware that card payments made in-person or over the phone are subject to a 5% service fee with a minimum of $1.00.

Payments are also accepted at our Internet site of, which are subject to a 7% service fee with a minimum of $1.00.  All service fees will be retained by this card service, nCourt, and not by Cowlitz County.  All service fees will be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount by this card service.


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