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Resolutions 2014
Resolutions 2014
14-001         Reimbursable work request and agreement with City of Kalama for various services during calendar year 2014
14-002  Establishing Equipment Rental Rates for the motor pool fund as of January 1, 2014 and rescinding Resolution 13-010  
14-003   Establishing Equipment Rental Rates for Equipment Rental and Revolving fund as of January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014  
14-004   Setting Salaries for certain Elected Officials beginning January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014  
14-005   Establishing the Human Resources compensation schedule beginning January 1, 2014  
14-006   Call for Public Hearing - consider an adjustment to the Cowlitz County Planning Fees approved by Resolution No. 13-139, dated December 3, 2013, hearing to be January 28, 2014 at 9:30  
14-007  Call for Public Hearing - open space timberland classification or reclassification applications.  Case NO. 2013.12; 2013.13; 2013.14; 2.013.18
BOH 14-001   Public Hearing - amending appellate procedures of the Board of Health On-Site Sewage Regulations  
14-008   Reimbursable work request and agreement with Silver Lake Flood Control district for signage, vegetation control, mowing, herbicide application, brush and tree removal, road repair and maintenance and other work as requested for 2014
14-009   Setting the salary for the Prosecuting Attorney beginning January 1, 2014  
14-010   Revising Resolution 13-139, dated December 3, 2013 and adjusting the Community Long Range Planning Fees  
14-011   Call for Public Hearing - Consider adoption of Ordinance to Repeal, Revise, and Amend Portions Chapter 6.20 of the CCC regarding Noxious Weed Assessments and Liens  
14-012   Call for Public Hearing - Consider amending and extending the interim Official Controls relating to Recreational Marijuana Production, Processing, and Retail Sales.  
14-013   Reimbursable Work Request and Agreement with City of Woodland for pavement striping and brooming during the calendar year 2014  
14-014   Accepting the Affidavit of the Cowlitz County Treasurer for the cancellation of uncollectible personal property taxes per RCW 84.56.240  
14-015   County Road Project No. 721 for the Chapman Road intersection improvement Project No. 1774; requesting authorization for engineering and construction  
14-016   Amending the "interim Official controls" adopting Ordinance No. 13-154; relating to recreational marijuana production, processing, and retail sales pursuant to initiative 502.  
14-017 Proclaiming an Emergency to repair the sanitary sewage line at the Administrative Building. 
14-018 Public Hearing - Ordinance to Repeal, Revise, and amend portions of Chapter 6.20 of the Cowlitz County Code regarding Noxious Weed Assessments and Liens 
14-019 Amending Resolutions No 03-343 dated April 1, 2003 which established a franchise fee to support Public, Education, and Governmental Television and designated KLTV as the Non-Profit to Operate a Public Access Station 
14-020 Authorizing the cancellation of warrants issued prior to December 31, 2012 which are still outstanding and transfer the monies from the Claims and Salary Funds to various funds in Cowlitz County.
14-021  Call for Hearing - Establishing a budget for a new fund known as SW headquarters Landfill Construction Project Fund and to Amend the 2014 LTD GO Bond Fund Budget 
14-022 Reimbursable Work Request and Agreement from the City of Kelso to perform various work in the 2014 calendar year 
14-023 Scope and bond counsel services retaining Foster Pepper PLLC for legal services in connection with governmental financing. 
14-024  Call for Hearing - Consider funding a CDBG-PS Grant for Lower Columbia CAP and solicit new projects for the county's CDBG program 
14-025 Establishing a budget for a new fund to be known as the SW Headquarters Landfill Construction project 
14-026  Call for Hearing - Proposed surplus of twenty-four (24) forty (4) cubic yard metal drop boxes, hearing to be April 1st 2014 at 9:30 
14-027  Call for Hearing - Revisions to the WRIA 25/26 Watershed Management Plan, hearing to be held on April 22, 2014 at 9:30
14-028  Reimbursable work request and agreement for road oil for 2014 for the City of Longview 
14-029 To Declare twenty-four (40 cubic yard metal drop boxes surplus and approval for disposal 
14-030 skipped 
14-031 Proclamation of April 6 - April 12, 2014 as National Crime Victim's Rights Week
14-032 Proclamation of April 2014 as Sexual Assault Awareness in Action month
14-033 Proclamation of April 13 - 19th 2014 as "Public Safety Telecommunicator Week 
14-034 Adopting Voting precinct boundaries in Cowlitz County 
14-035  Proclaiming the week of April 7, 2014 as Youth Week and Friday, April 11, 2014 as Youth in Government Day 
14-036 Resolution Rescinding Resolution 89-191 dated  November 20, 1989 and approving a Resolution to re-establish a property management committee
14-037 Call for Public Hearing - to identify projects that might be eligible for Title III funding(federal forest payments), hearing to be held June 3, 2014 
14-038  Call for Public Hearing - Amended Six-Year Transportation improvement program for period 2014 - 2019, Hearing to be held April 29th, 2014 
14-039 Proclaiming April 1, 2014 through April 30, 2014 as Child Abuse Awareness month 
14-040 Proclaiming Mental Health Month 
14-041 Adopting the amended Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for years 2014 - 2019 
14-042  Proclamation of May 4 - May 10th as National Correctional Officer Week 
14-043 Proclamation of May 2014 as Substance Abuse Prevention Month 
14-044 Proclamation of May 2014 as National Drug Court Month
14-045  Proclamation of May 11 - May 17th as Police week 
14-046 County Road Project No. 722 for the Modrow Road Slide Repair Project 1274 to include geotechnical engineering due to existing slide 
14-047  Reimbursable Work Request and Agreement for various work during 2014 for City of Castle Rock 
EMSD No. 1 Resolution 14-001 - Authorizing the County Auditor to place on the ballot of August 5, 2014 to the voters Emergency Medical Service District No. 1 special excess levy 
14-048 Call for Public Hearing - Open Space Timberland Classification or reclassification application 
14-049 Call for Public Hearing - Ordinance providing Revisions to Chapter 18.10 of the Cowlitz County Code, Regulating development of electric vehicle infrastructure 
14-050 Reimbursable work request and agreement with the Port of Kalama for road striping and sign making 
14-051 Revised County Road Project No. 708-12(3) for the Westside Highway Overlay Project located between milepost .66 and milepost 4.23 
14-052 Adopting Interim Policies for unpaid holidays for reasons of faith or conscience RESCINDED WITH RES 18-054
14-053 Ordinance No. 14-053 - Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Ordinance amending Chapter 18.10 of the Cowlitz County Code 
14-054 Proclaiming an Emergency to Repair the Carrier Chiller CH1400 at the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice 
14-055 Call for Public Hearing - Consider a Proposed Ordinance to merge the Open Space Timber Land Classification with the Designated Forest Land Program 
14-056 Declaring an Emergency for the repair to the SW Landfill gas flare system and authorize payment to Ponder Burner Company 
14-057  Initiate County Road Project No. 723 for the Wren Loop Road Culvert replacement project No. 1794 for engineering and right of way 
14-058 Rescind Resolution No. 98-106 dated July 6, 1998 which established an imprest account for Veterans Relieve and policies and closing said account 
14-059 Establishing Imprest Account for the Veterans Relief Fund 
14-060 Rescind Resolution 09-113 and reauthorize a revolving fund for the Cowlitz County fair and rodeo 
14-061 Call for Hearing - Proposed Recreational Marijuana Land Use Ordinance; proposed to be section 18.76 of the Cowlitz County Code, Hearing scheduled for July 29th 2014 
14-062 Terminating the Open Space Timber Land Classification as described in RCW 84.4 and consolidating all Timber Land Classification as Open Space Timber Land as Designated Forest Land as described RCW 84.33 
14-063 Code of ethics for county officials, employees and volunteers regarding participation in political activities during work time and use of facility 
14-064  Proclamation - Supporting Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) fiscal sustainability initiative 
14-065 Setting public hearing for complete close out of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 2013 Public Service Grant for LCCAP 
14-066 Setting Public Hearing to allow public comment on a proposed grant of franchise to Comcast 
EMSD No. Resolution No. 14-002 - Authorizing Cowlitz County Auditor to place on the ballot of November 4, 2014 to the voters of Cowlitz County Emergency Medical Services District No. 1 - Special Excess Levy
14-067 Public Hearing - Repealing Chapter 18.01 interim regulations and adopting Chapter 18.76 "Recreational Marijuana" of Cowlitz County Code establishing permanent official controls on the production, processing and retailing of recreational marijuana 
14-068 County Road Project Designated as CRP 724, Project No. 1884, State Road Log 26000 from milepost 4.23 to milepost 8.33 
14-069  Proclaiming Emergency to repair the AC Unit serving the IT server room 
14-070 Hearing on a proposed grant of franchise to Comcast of Colorado/Florida/Michigan/New Mexico/Pennsylvania/Washington LLC and approving the franchise 
14-071 Agreement for reimbursable work to be accomplished by the County Corrections crew
14-072 Set a public hearing date to consider a proposed amendment to the Cowlitz County Code 16.05.080 amending Section 507.1 of the Fire Code 
14-073 Authorizing the County Engineer to sign a waiver of hearing by respondent related to grade crossing of Toteff Road as requested by BNSF Railroad  Company 
14-074 Call for Public Hearing - Amending the six-year transportation improvement plan for 2014 - 2019, hearing to be September 9, 2014 
14-075 Amending Resolution No. 10-065 dated June 22, 2010 increasing District Court petty cash from $500 to $1000 
14-076 Ordinance amending CCC 16.05.080 and 2012 International Fire Code Section 507.1 exemptions 
14-077 Resolution adopting amended Six Year Transportation Improvement Program 
14-078 Call for Public Hearing regarding proposed surplus of vehicles and equipment and approval for sale to other agencies or disposal by auction 
14-079 Call for Public Hearing regarding proposed surplus of equipment and approval for sale using online auction services 
14-080 Proclamation September 20th 2014 as People First Day 
14-081 Proclamation September as Recovery month 
14-082 Certifying2015 Budget for Consolidated Diking Improvement District No. 3 
14-083 Order and Levy for 2015  Consolidated Diking Improvement District No. 3 
14-084 Set a hearing to consider an amendment to the 2014 County budget and establish fund known as 432-433 exchange program 
14-085 Certifying the 2015 budget for Drainage Improvement District No. 1 
14-086 Order and Levy for 2015 calendar year for Drainage Improvement District No. 1 
14-087 CRP No. 722 revised, Project No. 1274 Modrow Road, State Road Log No. 35350 from milepost No. 2.24 - 2.32 
14-088 Proclamation in honor of the 50th anniversary of Community Action proclaiming October 2014 as Community Action month 
14-089  Certifying the 2015 Budget for Consolidated Diking District No. 2 
14-090  Order and Levy for 2015 Consolidated Diking District No. 2 
14-091 Certifying the 2015 Budget for Diking District No. 15 
14-092  Order and Levy for 2015 Diking Improvement District No. 15 
14-093 Declaring vehicles and equipment surplus and approval for sale and other governmental agencies or disposal by auction 
14-094 Declaring equipment surplus and approval for sale using online auction services
14-095  Designating October 5 - 11th as National 4-H Week 
14-096  Proclaiming October 2014 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month 
14-097 Certifying the 2015 Budget for Consolidated Diking Improvement District No. 1 
14-098 Order & Levy for the 2015 Consolidated Diking Improvement District No. 1 
14-099  Certifying the 2015 Budget for Silver Lake Flood Control District 
14-100  Order & Levy for the 2015 Silver Lake Flood Control District 
14-101  Adopting amendments to the 2014 County Budget in the amount of $6,137,052
14-102 Call for Hearing - to set property tax levies for the 2015 General Fund, Mental Health Services, Veterans Relief services and Road Fund 
14-103 Closing Cadet checking and savings account and transferring funds to Castle Rock Police Department 
14-104 Proclaiming the week of November 10th as Jury Appreciation Week 
14-105 Authorizing the Director of Building & Planning to enter into a memorandum of understanding between the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic 
14-106  Setting an Open Record Public Hearing date to consider adoption of updates in the Critical Areas Ordinance
14-107  Proclamation - honoring National Adoption Day 2014 
14-108  Call for Hearing - setting hearing date to consider amendments to the 2014 County Budget 
14-109  Call for Hearing - setting a hearing for the six year transportation plan for 2015-2020 
14-110  Resolution authorizing maximum levy capacity and authorizing maximum amount to collect for the Road fund 2015 
14-111 Resolution fixing the levy for 2015 for the County General Fund 
14-112  Setting a hearing to consider a Golf Cart Ordinance for the community of Ryderwood 
EMSD No. 1 Resolution No. 14-003 - Levy certification and Ordinance/Resolution per RCW 84.55.120 
14-113 Fixing the 2015 Budget for Lexington Flood Control District 
14-114  Order & Levy for the 2015 Lexington Flood Control District 
14-115  Adopting amendments to the 2014 County budget
14-116  Adopting six year transportation improvement program 
14-117  Adopting amended 2015 infrastructure and physical plant and facilities program for public facilities for Cowlitz County 
14-118  Establishing Fees for Service provided by the Building & Planning Department 
14-119  Annual construction program for 2015 and fixed asset purchase in accordance RCW 36.81.130 and WAC 136-16 
14-120  Adopting amended budget for Cowlitz County for fiscal year 2015 
14-121  Certification of tax levies for 2015 
14-122  Authorizing the Department of Public Works to write off uncollectible accounts 
14-123  Establishing fees for service provided by the Health Department Fees 
14-124  Ordinance - Repealing and reenacting Chapter 19.15 "Critical Areas" of the Cowlitz County Code 
14-125  Request and agreement for reimbursable work by Cowlitz County for pavement striping, traffic sign manufacture 
14-126  Authorizing a loan from Cowlitz County to the Cowlitz Wahkiakum Council of Governments 
14-127  Establishing a Voluntary Cost Savings Program for 2015 and the programs to non-represented employees and to represented groups who elect to participate 
14-128  Matter of Certification of tax levies for 2015 


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