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Mental Health Court
Cowlitz County Mental Health Court Program LogoThe Mental Health Court Program is a voluntary 24 month program that promotes both treatment and public safety.

Participants can be referred by judges, attorneys, law enforcement, and family members.

Eligible participants will receive intensive case management that includes assistance with:
• Mental health treatment
•  Chemical dependency treatment
•  Finding suitable housing
•  Acquiring general medical care

There are four phases of the program that participants complete in order to graduate.

Upon graduation, participants will have their charges reduced or dismissed, but more importantly, our goal for participants completing the Mental Health Court Program is to:

•  Improve their sense of self-worth and accomplishment
•  Connect with the valuable community resources available
•  Find a meaningful and lasting sense of contentedness
•  Feel accountable to their (our) community

As stated above, the Mental Health Court Program directly benefits it's participants in many meaningful ways. In addition, the Mental Health Court Program will also directly benefit our community. This impact on our community will come in the form of:

•  Reducing criminal recidivism
•  Improving public safety
•  Decreasing criminal justice costs
•  Increasing communication between the criminal justice, mental health, housing, medical affiliates, and chemical dependency systems
•  Allocating community resources more efficiently
•  Providing an effective alternative to traditional prosecution and incarceration of non-violent/non-sex offenders

   Eligiblity will depend on the following:
•  Presence of a serious Axis 1 mental illness per the DSM-IV-TR.
•  Meet the RCW 2.28.180 guidelines regarding Mental Health Courts
•  Establishing or finding a causal connection between the mental illness and the current charges
•  The participant must be willing to cooperate with the court system and treatment agencies; signing all necessary releases of information requested by the court staff
•  The participant will be screened by the interdisciplinary staff: 
       •   Mental Health Court Coordinator
       •   Related attorneys
       •   Treatment agencies
       •   The Presiding Judge

Ultimately, the final decision for entry into the program will be made by the Presiding Judge.

Downloadable forms:
Mental Health Court Referral Form
Referral Phase Requirements
Referral Phase Criteria
Medical Release of Information
Authorized "Over the Counter" Medication List and Form
Participant Statement of Facts Form

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