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Headquarters Landfill
The Weyerhaeuser Headquarters landfill is a limited purpose landfill (LPL) regulated under WAC 173-350. This landfill takes industrial waste as well as construction and demolition waste and some commercial waste.

Cowlitz County has agreed in principal to purchase this landfill and permit it under WAC 173-351 as a municipal landfill.

There are a number of documents in association with this landfill. Many of these have been split into multiple files due to size. The documents that are available digitally are:

The Final Environmental Impact Statement

The Current version of the application

Archived documents from the original permit process

The above documents do not represent all of the available documents for the Headquarters landfill. There are many more documents that are not digitized and exist in a physical form in the offices of Cowlitz County Health & Human Services.


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