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Technical Advisory Committee
The role of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to help focus technical discussions and identify key technical and policy issues associated with natural resources management in Cowlitz County. The TAC will take advantage of and contribute to the existing knowledge base in the County. It's main focus is on technical issues such as biological, geological and hydraulic processes, wetlands, and engineering. In addtion, the TAC may help identify or provide input on data sources. The TAC will provide recommendations to the project management team and ultimately to the County and City decision makers.

TAC Member and Title

Hugo Flores, SMA-GMA-Harbor Areas Aquatic Resources Division

Rick Mraz, Wetlands/Shorelands Specialist

Steve West, Region 5 Habitat Program

George Fornes, Priority Habitats and Species Biologist

Ike Nwankwo, Technical & Financial Assistance Manager

Danette Guy, Biologist, Project Manager

Jeff Fisher, Branch Chief SW WA

Howard Schaller, Project Leader Columbia River Fisheries Program Office

Dave Burlingame, Director, Cultural Resources Department

Darin Haupt, District Manager

Patrick Harbison, Stormwater/Development Engineer

Lisa Hendrickson, Manager of Environmental Affairs

Jeff Breckel, Executive Director

Lauren Goldberg, Staff Attorney

Brian Wood, Environmental Manager

Tony Meyer, Executive Director

David Sypher, Director

Bart Stepp, Director

David Vorse, Director

Carl M. McCrary, Director

Steve Langdon, Planning Director

Lanny Cawley or Designee, Port Director

Nelson Holmberg or Designee, Port Director

Patrick Ortiz

Washington DNR

Department of Ecology

Washington DFW

Washington DFW

Washington Department of Commerce

Corps of Engineers

NOAA Fisheries

US Fish & Wildlife

Cowlitz Tribe

Cowlitz Conservation District

Cowlitz County Public Works

Port of Longview

Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board

Columbia Riverkeeper


Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

Kelso Public Works

Woodland Public Works

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Kalama Public Works

City of Longview

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