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Steering Committee
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The Comprehensive Plan Update Steering Committee was convened by the Board of County Commissioners to help facilitate the planning process. 

This 15-member group of citizen volunteers was selected to represent a broad range of interests and backgrounds from commerce and economic development, industry, housing, agriculture, forestry, environment, utilities, education, recreation, and citizens at large.  The Committee also includes two County Planning Commissioners.

Members include: Joel Rupley, Chair, Steve Moon, Vice Chair, Terry Aho, Steve Brock, Marjorie Castle, Chris Fritsch, Margaret Lapic, Darcy Mitchem, Francis Naglich, John Thomas, Rick Van Rock, Marlene Voss, Mark Wilson, Rick Winsman and Paul Youmans. 

The Committee's job is to work with the community, staff, consultants, and subcommittees to:
  • conduct public outreach and citizen involvement
  • draft a vision statement and guiding principles
  • id key issues or target topics
  • establish a work plan, timelines and approach
  • review and analyze technical information
  • develop plan elements including draft goals, policies, objectives and implementation strategies
  • make recommendations to the Cowlitz County Planning Commission
  • assist plan development through adoption by County Commissions

Steering Committee Adopted Rules and Procedures 

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