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Fee Exemptions
Cowlitz County Clerk's Office
Fee Exemptions
Effective 7/24/2015

  • Fees to be charged to all cities, other counties, other states, unless specifically stated by statute. 
  • Fees to be charged to all state agencies unless there is a specific statutory authority (98 Wn2d 606). 
  • No statutory authority to NOT charge federal agencies except U.S. Immigration and V.A.
  • Fees to be paid in advance except for state and county (36.18.060). (Clerk’s Office can voucher State & County).




  • To Department of Licenses
AGO 61-62 No.136
  •  For filings from another county clerk for LFO collection
  • No filing fee if filed under another Petition already pending under Chapter 26.33 RCW
  •  Preplacement report filed prior to petition for adoption
  •  Revocation of Consent pursuant to 26.33.160
Aliens, Commitment of No charge to U.S. Immigration office for copies 10.70.150
Anit-Harassment No charge for forms and brochures 10.14.040(4)
Appeals to Supreme
Court or Court of Appeals
By state or municipality 2.32.070
By indigent party 4.88.330
Appeals, Criminal RALJ No initial filing fee - See Criminal 36.18.020(2)(b)
Appeals, Explanatory Statements No costs to either party 29A.32.040
Attorney General Exempt from filing fees relating to paternity or support 74.20.300
Ballot Title No filing fee 29A.72.080
Child Support / Spousal Maintenance Petitions No filing fee if filed by State of Washington 26.18.040(2)
(Eminent Domain)
No fee for school districts, exept on appeal 8.16.150
Criminal No fee for filing - costs assessed upon conviction or plea of guilty, upon failure to prosecute RALJ appeal or affirmance of lower court conviction 36.18.020(2)(h)
Dependency No filing fee 13.34.040
Disclaimer Upon deposit of money/property (required) - No costs to determine conflicting claims of property (costs may be assessed by court) 4.08.170
Domestic Violence No charge for forms, brochures or obtaining Protection Orders 26.50.030(4)
Domestic Violence No charge for filing or service of process; No charge for certified
copies to petitioners
DSHS See Social and Health Services, Department of  
Emancipations No charge for one certified copy of Decree to Petitioner. 13.64.050(3)
Eminent Domain See Condemnation  
Employment Security

(Judicial Review on Unemployment Compensation)

  • No fees of any kind chargeable to individuals
  • No fees for department for any of Clerks services
Explanatory Statement Appeals No costs to either party 29.81.230
Forms and Brochures No fee for forms and brochures under the Domestic
Violence Act
36.18.020 (3)
26.50.030 (4)
Guardianship or Limited Guardianship
  • No fee for filing when assets less than $3,000.00
  • No prepayment when filed by AG - may be ordered paid by estate
Guardianship to Estate Cause Code migration/ no additional fee is charged to transfer the guardianship file to a probate proceeding when migration is ordered 11.88.150(2)
Immigration, US See Aliens, Commitment of 10.70.150
Irrigation District No fee for Oath of Commissioner/Board Member of Joint Irrigation District 87.80.100
In Forma Pauperis Waiver of filing fee due to financial hardship 36.18.022
Insurance Commissioner Exempt from filing fees 48.31.230
Juvenile Offender No fee for filing or service 13.04.160
Juvenile Dependency
  • No fee for filing or service on Dependency, Guardianship, Terminations
  • No filing fee on Truancy
Labor & Industries No filing fee to file complaint to prosecute for collection of wage assignments 49.48.040(2)
Mental Illness Jury No jury fee MPR 3.3
Property Filing to determine conflicting claims of, see Disclaimer  
Prosecutor Exempt from filing fees related to paternity or support 74.20.300
(State of WA)
No fees for copies of criminal pleadings 9.94A.110
Public Assistance See Social & Health Services, Department of (Judicial Review)  
Relinquishment of a Child No filing fee to a department, agency or prospective adoptive parent under RCW 26.33.080 36.18.020(3)
Service Personnel No fees for copies to service personnel of US armed forces
(for determining entitlements to family allowances and other benefits)
Sex Offender Registration No Fees for Copies to Law Enforcement Agencies 36.18.016
SBH 2223
Social & Health Services
  • Judicial review, no filing fees for individuals
  • Exempt from filing and copy fees relating to paternity or support
Support Enforcement (DSHS) Exempt from filing and copy fees relating to paternity or support (also see UIFSA) 74.20.300
UIFSA (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act) 26.21.325
No filing fee - fees may be assessed  
Unemployment Compensation See Employment Security  
Veterans (Marital Status)
No fees for copies for family or legal representative of deceased for VA or other governmental agencies when required in connection with any claim pending before Veterans’ Bureau or governmental agency administering benefits to war veterans
Veterans (Pension, Bounty, Back Pay)
No fee for administering oaths, preparing official certificate or perfecting a voucher to procure a pension, bounty or back pay for Honorably Discharged, or spouse, orphan or legal representative
Vulnerable Adult No filing fee 74.34.110(9)
Wage Claim Assignments Court costs by L & I for Prosecution 49.48.040(2)

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