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Cowlitz County Clerk's Miscellaneous Fee Schedule
Effective 7/24/2015

  • Fees to be charged to all cities, other counties, other states, unless specifically stated by statute. 
  • Fees to be charged to all state agencies unless there is a specific statutory authority (98 Wn2d 606). 
  • No statutory authority to NOT charge federal agencies except U.S. Immigration and V.A.
  • Fees to be paid in advance except for state and county (36.18.060). (Clerk’s Office can voucher State & County).


Service Provided



Approving Bonds,
in other than civil or probate
Filing Fee 2.00   36.18.016(8)
Authenticated or Exemplified Certificate Certificate $2 per seal 4.00   36.18.016(4)
*Plus certified copy fees for documents
attached to certificate
  • $5 for 1st page
  • $1 additional pages per document
Plus certified
copy fee*
Bench Warrants, Notices, Summons,
Subpoenas, Certificate of Deposition
for Out of State Depositions
Issuance 20.00   36.18.050
Copies of court documents –
certified (With Seal)
First Page 5.00   36.18.016(4)
Each Additional Page


Copies of court documents (Without Seal) Electronic Copies .25 / page   36.18.016(4)
Hard Copies .50 / page  
Copies on CD  20.00 / ea
plus copy fee
plus electronic copy charge .25 / page  
Faxed Copies - 1st Page 5.00   36.18.016(20)
Faxed Copies - Each Additional Page 1.00  
Copies – all other documents Copy of non-court document .15 / page   RCW 42.56.120
Costs for nonstatutory services
rendered by clerk by authority or policy
must be charged
Actual Cost   36.18.016(24)
Duplication of Recorded Court Proceedings Duplication:   36.18.016(13)
  • Cassette Tape
10.00 / tape  
  • Video Tape
25.00 / tape  
  •  Electronic Medium
25.00 / CD  
Executing Certificates With or Without Seal 2.00   36.18.016(5)
Ex Parte Presentation of Order 30.00   36.18.016(12)
Fees In Special Cases Where no fee is provided for - fees similar
and equal to those allowed for services of the
same kind
Variable   36.18.050
Filing of Papers Not Related to
Litigation and No Other Amount
Filing 20.00   36.18.012(3)
Investment Service Fee –
if Written Request Received for Service
Service Fee for Interest Investments 5% of Income Earned   36.48.090
NSF Check Service Charge, Per Check 25.00   36.18.016(24)
Oaths and Affirmations Filing 20.00   5.28
Reports & Copies Produced at Local
Level as Permitted by 2.68.020 &
Supreme Court Policy
Copies & Reports Variable   36.18.016(22)
Searching Records;
Compiling statistical reports;
Issuing Written Report/Special Services
Per Hour 30.00   36.18.016(11)
Stop Payment Service Charge, per check 25.00   36.18.016(24)
Witness Fee   10.00 / day
.55 / mile


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