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Past Projects
Welcome to our past projects library. Approximately four to five large projects are constructed annually. Please select a year and begin browsing! 

Willow Grove Guardrail, South Pekin Road Guardrail, Install/Upgrade Curve Warning Signs

Hazel Dell Road Improvement, Tower Road Bridge Scour Repair, Westside Highway Overlay - Phase 2, Pacific Way Slide Repair, South Cloverdale Road / Martin's Bluff Road Intersection Improvement

, Kalama River Road Slide Repair, South Silver Lake Road, Coal Creek Road and Hacket Road Washout Repairs

West Side Highway Overlay Phase 1B; Butte Hill Road Improvements

Abernathy Bridge Removal Project; Allen Street Culvert Replacement Project MP 2.16; Delemeter Road Culvert Replacement Project MP 5.78; Hazel Dell Intersection Realignment Project MP 0.0; Westside Highway Shoulder Widening and Overlay, Castle Rock City limits to MP 2.69.

Tower Road Slide Repair Project MP 11.38; Clark Creek Road Culvert Replacement Project; Kalama River Road Slide Repair Project MP 4.52; Kalama Road Slide Repair MP 2.5; South Silver Lake Road Reconstruction

Ostrander Road Bypass Bridge Replacement Project; Fibre Way Reconstruction Project; Westside Highway Slide Repair; Monahan Creek Culvert Repair; Tower Road Culvert Replacement Project

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