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Community Re-Entry Program
The Cowlitz County Community Re-Entry Program helps inmates successfully transition back to the community and reduces recidivism.

The overall goal is to create release plans for inmates directly linked to housing, food, benefits, employment, education, and treatment. (The plans are individualized to specifically meet the needs of each inmate.)

So far, the program is small, and only one staff member is currently creating release plans for inmates. With such a small staffing footprint, we are doing our best to meet the needs of all who are eligible. 

The hope is, in the future we can grow into a larger staffed program providing needs assessment and goal setting services to a larger number of inmates, while also providing more intensive goal tracking for those who are already back in their community.

The Volunteer List has already been started, but we are always looking for more people, businesses, and agencies that would like to become a part of the program. We definitely appreciate those that have already joined our team: 

  1. Mountain Ministries 
  2. Community House 
  3. Local Oxford Houses 
  4. Emergency Support Shelter 
  5. Salvation Army 
  6. Lower Columbia Community College 
  7. Family Health Center 
  8. Washington State Department of Corrections 

The Community Re-Entry Program is always seeking qualified volunteers to help. Contact Chad Williams (Corrections Programs Manager) to apply. 
Chad Williams

Another large part of the program is to continuously research cost effective funding and implementation strategies. Some of the things we look at are:

What are the costs of providing re-entry services? 
Cost savings compared to the reduction of recidivism? 
Public tax dollars saved through re-entry efforts? 
Researching funding options? 

Our community can benefit from this program by reducing recidivism, and creating an environment that will show inmates a more secure path to never being called "inmate" again

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