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Building & Planning

Fee Waivers for Damage during Declared Emergency
 The Department of Building & Planning will offer fee waivers on permits that are directly related to damage incurred during the declared emergency, which began on December 8th, 2015. The appropriate permits will still be required in accordance with applicable codes and statutes - but no permit fees will be charged. Depending on the type of work to be done, there are options for emergency work, as well. Please contact the Department today to learn more.

We are changing our hours to better serve you!
New hours: Monday - Thursday 7 am to 6 pm
We will be closed on Fridays.
When: Beginning Monday, February 1, 2016
You will still be doing inspections on Fridays.

County Responses to Questions about CERB - Mt. Solo Landfill Planning Grant RFQ
County Responses to RFQ Questions
Mt. Solo Monitoring Locations
Decommissioned Wells

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The Building and Planning Department was established by the Board of County Commissioners to carry out the effective and reasonable administration of developmental laws and standards and to accomplish county planning, building permit coordination, environmental coordination, fire / life safety, and environmental health.

It is our goal to provide fast, fair, consistent, and friendly services to the citizens of Cowlitz County. The Building and Planning Department provides a wide-variety of permitting services through two major divisions - the Building Division and the Planning Division.

One-Stop Permit Center
In our ongoing efforts to provide excellent customer service, we have a one-stop permit center available with representatives on-duty at all times from each division. Customers and the general public are welcome to visit the permit center in person or reach us by telephone during business hours.

Questions regarding regulations, the permitting process, development potential, construction activities, etc., will be directed to knowledgeable staff that can provide information and records. Please visit with us early in the development of your project so that we can be of the greatest assistance!

What's New!

BOCC Adopts Limited Updates to Critical Areas Ordinance

To comply with new state requirements for wetland analyses, the Board of County Commissioners adopted limited changes to the Cowlitz County Critical Areas Ordinance at their December 16, 2014 meeting.  For more information, see the project page.

New Permit System Now Operational and Online!

We have launched a new permit system!  Brought you by Accela Automation, the new permit system greatly expands the capabilities of our daily permitting operations, and brings a whole host of new features that catapults Building and Planning into the 21st Century.   You can now apply for permits online, view permit history, schedule inspections, and even view most inspection results immediately after the inspection occurs. 

Check out the new citizen access portion of the new permit system here.

The citizen access portion of our new permit system can be found here.  Starting your own account will allow you to begin applying for permits, scheduling inspections, and keeping up to date on the status of your permit.  Please note that only permits applied for after November 17, 2014 will be viewable on the new system.  Older permits will continue to use the previous permit system portal found here

The new system will allow us to bring more accurate information easily and more quickly than we could ever before.  Stay tuned as we explore the capabilities of the new permit system, and expand our availability to our customers.

Come Visit Us on Facebook!

The Building and Planning Department has launched a new Facebook page!  We will be updating the page regularly with educational information, public meeting notifications, code update proposals, and other happenings in our department and the development world.

County Adopts Permanent Land Use Regulations on Recreational Marijuana

At a hearing held July 29th, 2014, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the proposed Recreational Marijuana Land Use Ordinance.  The ordinance identifies local land use location requirements, development standards, and application processing procedures for the production, processing, and retail sales of recreational marijuana.   
The ordinance was developed over a six-month period in conjunction with a marijuana workgroup consisting of local citizens, business owners, and industry experts.
  The permanent regulations can be viewed here.
Keep up to date on the development of the permanent regulations on our I-502 page.

We have received some inquiries about the proposed Code Compliance position, so we'd like to share information with you about how the program will work. We'll start with some basic - what it is/what it isn't facts:

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