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Hearing Examiner

The Cowlitz County Hearings Examiner hears permits, reviews and appeals related to land-use, health, public works and other decision making matters as set forth in Cowlitz County Code (CCC) Chapter 2.05. The hearings examiner will be an attorney with extensive backgrounds in administrative law and policy. His or her role is not to create policy or change rules, but rather to ensure that policy and rules have been applied correctly.

Hearings Examiner Process

Specific rules and procedures in hearings before the Cowlitz County Hearings Examiner can be found in the Rules of Procedure adopted by the Cowlitz County Hearing Examiner.

Hearings Examiner Rules of Procedure

Current Cases Before the Hearings Examiner:

Shoreline and Forest Practices Hearings
Thursday May 18, 2017 beginning at 2:00 pm

2:00 pm  SL16-0981  Port of Longview - Columbia River
Timber debris boom - Berth 9
Exhibit C-1  Staff Report
Exhibit C-2  JARPA
Exhibit C-4  Shoreline Application Notice
Exhibit C-5  SEPA Determination
Exhibit C-6  Habitat Assessment

2:15pm  SL17-0985  Olympia Pipe Line Co - Toutle River
In-water work to remove steel pilings
Exhibit C-1  Staff Report
Exhibit C-2  JARPA
Exhibit C-3  Vicinity Map - Sit Plans
Exhibit C-4  Shoreline Application Notice
Exhibit C-5  SEPA Determination
Exhibit C-6  Mitigation Plan

2:30 pm  17-03-2424 : Forest Practices Moratorium Lift
Confer Rd. Kalama

Exhibit C-1 Staff Report
Exhibit C-2 Application Materials
Exhibit C-3 SEPA
Exhibit C-4 Public Notice
Exhibit C-5 Photos

April 13, 2017
Comcast Cable Communications - Kalama River crossing.
Shoreline Hearing Date; Thursday, April 13, 2017  at 2:00 pm

Exhibit C-1   Staff Report

Exhibit C-2   JARPA
Exhibit C-3  Maps, Site Plans & Photos
Exhibit C-4  Shoreline Notice of Application
Exhibit C-5  SEPA Determination & Checklist
Exhibit C-6  SEPA & Shoreline Comments

Beacon Hill Water & Sewer District  / Page & Beard Architects (Agent)
New Administration Building  1111 Westside Hwy. Kelso
Shoreline Hearing Date: Thursday April 13, 2017  at  2:15 pm

Exhibit C-1  Staff Report

Exhibit C-2  Staff Report - Special Use Permit
Exhibit C-3  JARPA
Exhibit C-4  Maps, Site Plans & Photos
Exhibit C-5  Shoreline Notice of Application
Exhibit C-6  SEPA Determination & Checklist
Exhibit C-7  SEPA & Shoreline Comments
Exhibit C-8  Geotechnical & Hydrogeologic Assessment
Exhibit C-9  Additional Project Information

Kalama Methanol Manufacturing and Export Facility
Northwest Innovation Works
 - Hearing date: January 23rd, 2017

    Supplemental Public Hearing Rules
    Open Record Public Hearing Ground Rules - KMMEF

    Cowlitz Index of Agency Record
    Exhibit C-1 Staff Report
    Exhibit C-2 FEIS
(Large file in multiple chapters, link to the SEPA website for access to all SEPA documents)
    Exhibit C-3 Letter from Department of Ecology Regarding SEPA Lead Agency 
    Exhibit C-4 JARPA (with Biological Assessment)
    Exhibit C-5 Vicinity Map and Site Plans
    Exhibit C-6 Critical Areas Assessment
    Exhibit C-7 Applicant Shoreline Compliance Narrative
    Exhibit C-8 Notice of Application and Request for Public Comment
    Exhibit C-9  Response to Comments with Attachments
    Exhibit C-10 Shoreline Comments Received
    Exhibit C-11 Pages 50-52 Erroneously Excluded from Exhibit C-6
    Exhibit C-12 Supporting Information for Exhibit C-7
    Exhibit C-13 List of Parties Notified - Supporting Information for Exhibit C-8
    Exhibit C-14 Supplement to Exhibit C-6 Mitigation Plan Figures

    KMMEF Post Hearing Exhibits:
    1. Post Hearing Exhibits
    2. K-68 Commissioner's Motion
    3. K-69 KMMEF Supplemental Preservation Memorandum
    4. K-70 KMMEF Dec Document
    5. Post Hearing Site Plan Submittal
    The decision is contained in a series of four documents.
    Hearings Examiner Decision - 1
    Hearings Examiner Decision - 2
    Hearings Examiner Decision - 3
    Hearings Examiner Decision - 4

    Hearings Examiner FINAL REVISED DECISION - 3.8.2017
    Final Decision March 8, 2017 - REVISED FINAL Decision


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