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Healthy Workforce

  1. 2020 KETO 101 Weekly Check-In

    A four week campaign presenting the fundamentals of a ketogenic diet.

  2. Cowlitz Fresh!

    Submit your recipes, ideas, tips and tricks for local produce. Include an optional photo of your creation, the produce, or folks... More…

  3. Public Service Book Club

    Sign-up to receive Book Club notifications and announcements.

  1. 2020 Wellness Event Request Form

    Interested in sponsoring a wellness event? Fill out and submit this form to have the Wellness Committee review your idea.

  2. Get Moving!

    WCIF brings the Challenge "Get Moving!" for all county employees. The Rule: 10 minutes exercise = 1 point. The Goal: 60 points. ... More…

  3. Virtual Lunch and Learns

    Kaiser webinar series