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  1. Change of Address

    Property owner's request to change mailing address for property tax correspondence

Building & Planning

  1. Comprehensive Plan Comments

    Cowlitz County Comprehensive Plan Update - Planning Commission Review 2014 Please take a moment to write your questions, comments,... More…

  2. Shoreline Comment Form

    Cowlitz County Partnership Shoreline Master Program Update

  3. Voluntary Stewardship Program Comments

    Voluntary Stewardship Program Please take a moment to write your questions and comments regarding the Cowlitz County Voluntary... More…

  1. Customer Feedback

    Have you worked with Building & Planning recently? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Your positive comments let us know we're doing... More…

  2. Shoreline Master Program Update Survey

Comm Center 911

  1. Business Owners Emergency Night-Call Info

    This form is for business owners to provide the 911 Center with contact information for the person responsible for the business in the... More…

  2. Request for 911 Audio Recording

    Use this form to request audio recording of Cowlitz County 911 Center radio traffic or telephone conversations.


    This form is for the public to provide feedback related to their experience when contacting the Cowlitz County 911 Center.

  2. User Agency CAD Trouble Report / Work Request Form

    This form is for user agency representatives to report technical problems they are experiencing or request changes to the current 911... More…

District Court

  1. District Court Correspondence
  2. Request to reschedule a contested hearing

    In order to reschedule your existing court date for a contested hearing, you must submit a written request.

  1. Infraction court hearing request form

    form to be used to request an in person court hearing for an infraction

  2. Wedding Ceremony Request

    This form is to request that a District Court Judge perform a wedding ceremony.

Health&Human Services

  1. Environmental Health Complaints or Requests for Information

    If you have a concern regarding Food Establishments, Public Swimming Pools, Public Water Systems or other environmental health... More…

Healthy Workforce

  1. Cowlitz Fresh!

    Submit your recipes, ideas, tips and tricks for local produce. Include an optional photo of your creation, the produce, or folks... More…

  2. Forever Fit Registration
  3. Get Moving! Campaign Registration

    Sign-up to begin the Get Moving! Challenge.

  4. Wellness Event Sponsorship Form

    Interested in sponsoring a wellness event? Fill out and submit this form to have the Wellness Committee review your idea.

  5. Wild Game Campaign Submission

    Submit your recipes, ideas, tips and tricks, and photos related to wild game, fish and foraging. Submissions will be featured on the... More…

  6. Winter Games Week 2
  7. Winter Games Week 4
  8. Winter Games Week 6
  1. Event Suggestion Form

    Use this form if you are interested in listing an event.

  2. Get Moving!

    WCIF brings the Challenge "Get Moving!" for all county employees. The Rule: 10 minutes exercise = 1 point. The Goal: 60 points. ... More…

  3. Public Service Book Club

    Sign-up to receive Book Club notifications and announcements.

  4. Wild Game Campaign Entry

    Sign-up to receive Wild Game Campaign notifications and announcements.

  5. Winter Games Week 1
  6. Winter Games Week 3
  7. Winter Games Week 5


  1. Validation Response Letter

    Federal guidelines require that all guns, vehicles, license plates and boats that are entered into WACIC/NCIC are validated once a year... More…

Prosecuting Attorney

  1. Victim's Restitution Estimate

    Complete this form if you are a victim that needs restitution for damage or money loss due to a crime in Cowlitz County.

Public Works

  1. Low Impact Development in Local Codes - Citizen Interest Signup

    Cowlitz County was issued a new Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit by the Washington State Department of Ecology.... More…

  1. SR432 Project Mailing List

Sheriff's Office

  1. Reserve the Mobile Command Post - Date Reservation Request Form
  2. Subscribe Request Form - Mobile Command Post Calendar

    This form is for users to submit requests to be able to view the Mobile Command Post Calendar

  1. Reserve the Range - Date Reservation Request Form
  2. Subscribe Request Form - Range Calendar

    This form is for users to submit requests to be able to view the Range Calendar





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