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Public Works - Stormwater Management

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1. How do I know when I need a stormwater permit?
2. What if my project disturbs more than one (1) acre?
3. If I disturb one or more acres do I also need to get a Construction Stormwater Permit through Washington State Department of Ecology?
4. How many trees can be removed before triggering the stormwater permit process?
5. I need to replace a 8,000 square foot roof. Do I need a stormwater permit?
6. Would building foundation replacement under an existing building quality under the stormwater ordinance (16.22) as 'routine maintenance?'
7. The stormwater manual mentions planting plans. Would the County determine what plants are used (i.e. flowers) for residential development?
8. Will I have to do Low Impact Development?
9. Who do I contact with stormwater questions?


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