ADULTS (age 16 and over)

Passport Book with Card$140.00$35.00
Passport Book$110.00$35.00
Passport Card$30.00$35.00

MINOR (under age 16)

Passport Book with Card$95.00$35.00
Passport Book$80.00$35.00
Passport Card$15.00$35.00

APPLICATION FEE: must be a separate check or money order made payable to the U.S. Department of State.

SERVICE FEE can be cash, check, or money order to Cowlitz County District Court.

Adult Passport Renewal

Please Note:  Adult Passport Renewals are a self mail-in process only. Don't go to a passport acceptance facility if you qualify as an Adult Passport Renewal.  Renew a passport by mail.

Please visit the US State Department website to determine what forms to use and how to apply for your new passport.