Cases We Do and Don't Handle

Cases We Handle

  • Felonies filed in Cowlitz County Superior Court.
  • Misdemeanor charges that carry a possible jail sentence, which are filed in the District or Superior Courts of Cowlitz County.
  • Probation Violations in felony cases and "show cause" matters in misdemeanor cases.
  • Juvenile Delinquency Cases filed in the Cowlitz County Superior Court, Juvenile Department.
  • Civil Commitment Cases, involving individuals who are placed against their will in locked treatment facilities because of mental health or substance us disorder allegations.
  • Dependency Cases in Cowlitz County Superior Court, Juvenile Department. We represent children ages twelve and older who have been removed from their parents' home.
  • Youths accused of contempt of court in Truancy cases, involving failure to attend school.
  • Children involved in "At Risk Youth" or "Children in Need of Services" petitions, which are also held in the juvenile division.
  • Contempt of court involving the failure to make child support payments.

Cases We Do Not Handle

  • Federal cases.
  • Traffic tickets that cannot result in jail time as a punishment.
  • Clients charged with a crime in the municipal courts of Castle Rock, Kalama, Kelso, Longview, or Woodland.
  • Appeals of any kind.
  • Cases outside of Cowlitz County.
  • Property forfeiture cases, even if the police took your cash or property in connection with a charge we are representing you on.
  • Department of Licensing (DOL) hearings regarding your driver's license, even if we are representing you on the case the license revocation is based on.