Homeless Housing Task Force (3 positions open)

Homeless Housing Task Force

Meet: 4th Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm in Conference Room A of the Health & Human

Services Building, 1952 9th Avenue, Longview.

Terms: 2 Years. Purpose: In 2005 the legislature created the homeless housing program to develop and coordinate a statewide strategic plan aimed at housing homeless persons. RCW 43.185C.160 requires each participating County to create or designate a Homeless Housing Task Force. Prior to 2017, Cowlitz County contracted the coordination of the Homeless Housing Task Force with the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Governments, an external agency. The Board of County Commissioners transitioned coordination of the Homeless Housing Task Force to the Health and Human Services Departments on January 1, 2017. To comply with RCW 43.185C.160, the County created a Homeless Housing Task Force. 

The Homeless Housing Task Force is to provide input into the ongoing development of a ten-year homeless housing plan to address homelessness in Cowlitz County as required by RCW 43.185C.160. The Task Force has no more than 15 members consisting of representation meeting the requirements outlined in RCW 43.185C.160.

Contact Health & Human Services at 360-414-5599 for additional information. /1857

Porshia Jones; term expires 4-23-21
Eric McCrandall; term expires 9-5-21
Thad Scudder; term expires 4-3-20
Whitney Littlefield; term expires 4-3-20
Deborah Idlett; term expires 4-3-20
Eli Bouchea; term expires 9-11-20
Carole Sides; term expires 1-15-21
Sherri Stommel; term expires 6-22-21
Ray Van Tongeren; term expires 6-22-21
Randy Teig; term expires 7-16-21
Vacant; term expires 9-5-19
Vacant; term expires 9-5-19
Vacant; representing the county; term expires 9-5-19
Jeffrey McAllister, rep City of Kelso; term expires 9-5-19
Scott Vydra, rep City of Longview; term expires 9-5-21