Riverside Park

Does the park accept Reservations?
Seasonally. At this time Riverside Park is taking reservations for the Pavilion(covered shelter) and 14 picnic spots thru ought the park. Click on the Reservations tab for more information.

Does the Park allow Bounce Houses?
At this time Bounce Houses are not allowed on County property due to liability issues.

Can I have weddings at the Park?
Yes. We suggest reserving a site for your special occasion.

Can I have alcohol in the park?
Alcohol is not permitted on county property. No exceptions at this time.

I would like to host a promotional event at the park. Who do I contact?

I found somebody doing illegal activities at the park. Who do I contact?
If you see anybody doing something illegal that puts others at risk please call 911 right away.

I have a concern regarding the dike. Who do I contact?
The dike that surrounds Riverside Park is the property of the Cowlitz County Diking District. You can contact them with concerns.

Can I use metal detectors in the Park?
We allow metal detectors as long as you don't use a shovel or spade to disturb the ground or grass. We have plastic sprinkler heads that can be easily damaged and digging up the grass creates tripping hazards for small children. Do not use in busy areas such as playgrounds which disrupts other guests.

Harry Gardner Park

Does the Park accept reservations?
Yes. Click on the Reservations tab for more information. The Pavilion at Harry Gardner will remain first come first serve.

Can I have a campfire at the park during a state wide burn ban?
The county follows different burn ban regulations than the state. Please call 360-577-3030 for the latest update.


For cash reservations guests must pay in person at 1600 South 13th Avenue, Kelso, WA 98626. Payments must be exact amount, checks are not accepted. If booking online, your credit/debit card will be charged at the time of booking, not at the time of stay.

There is a 7 day stay limit for Harry Gardner Park.

You can make reservations 6 months to 5 days in advance before your first night's stay. Example (If you are reserving Friday Night the last day to make a reservation is Sunday Night at 11:59 p.m.) Confirming your Reservation

You will receive a confirmation via e-mail (within 5 minutes) after making your reservation. Should you have any further questions regarding the details of your reservation, please call 360-577-3030.

All transactions are non-refundable.

For Harry Gardner Park:

Check Out Time- 2 p.m. Check in Time- 4 p.m., if the site is empty before 4 p.m. you can move into the site early.

Tent Sites are allowed 3 tents, 2 vehicles

RV Sites are allowed 1 RV, 1 vehicle, and 2 tents

If you have more that the allowed number please reserve an extra site.

For Riverside Park, electrical outlets will be turned on prior to the start of your event. If you overload the breaker there is no guarantee it will be turned back on before the end of your event. Please be aware of how much power you are using. :

Applicant hereby agrees to be responsible for repairing any damage caused to the both Riverside and Harry Gardner Park licensed herein during the applicant's use of the park and pavilion, including damage to equipment, furnishings, buildings, and landscaping, which may be related to the proposed activity at the chosen park and Pavilion. Applicant agrees to hold harmless Cowlitz County, including its officers, agents, and employees, from any and all liability for injuries or losses to persons or property that may result from any act or omission to act on the part of said individual or organization, or the acts or omissions of its employees or agents or anyone visiting the park and pavilion, or using any of the equipment, furnishings, and buildings licensed herein, upon the invitation of said applicant, negligent or otherwise. Applicant agrees to follow all park and shelter rules and regulations which have been or will be applicant agrees to follow all park and pavilion rules and regulations which have been or will be adopted by Cowlitz County Parks and Recreation.

Rules and Regulations: Responsibilities Acknowledgement Form:

1. Licensees are permitted to use the facility only for purposes authorized by the County.
2. Licensees may not solicit funds for private gain.
3. Licensees may not charge admission to activities, except for the benefit of a charity and when prior written approval is received from the County.
4. Licensees understand that the County makes no warranties as to the fitness of its facilities for a particular purpose, and licensees have contracted for the facility after examining it and assuming full knowledge of its condition.
5. Licensees understand that the County Parks and Recreation Department assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of any persons or property brought into the facility prior to, during, or after licensees' use.
6. The licensee agrees to take full responsibility for licensees' actions and the actions of licensees' guests and agrees to abide by all County rules, regulations, and ordinances.
7. Restitution for any damages incurred during use will be the responsibility of the licensee.
8. Licensee and licensee's guests will park only in the designated areas.
9. No alcohol or illegal substances are permitted in the facility.
10. Renters accept responsibility for ensuring that all trash is picked up and deposited in trash cans and that the property is left in good condition. Costs for repairing damage to the grounds will be assessed to the sponsoring Renter.
11. Cowlitz County only rents the pavilion and marked picnic areas. The rest of the Park is open to the general public.
12. Cowlitz County does not allow renters to bring bounce houses or other interactive inflatables, amusement rides or devices, or dunking booths onto Cowlitz County property.
13. Activities NOT permitted in the park: hunting, golfing, paintball and/or air soft guns, loud music or noise, automotive repair or the storing of vehicles.
14. Water balloons, rice, and confetti must be picked up. Pavilion must be swept if necessary.
15. No digging or spiking of grounds without areas being marked. An additional fee may be required for locating and marking underground utilities.
16. The use of a horse and carriage, petting zoo animals, or any other types of animals as part of the rental of a facility must be approved by the County. Proof of insurance may be required. Animal waste, straw, or any other waste materials must be completely cleaned up and removed from the park.
17. All pets must be on leashes and under control. Owners are to clean up after their pet.
18. Additional Park Rules and Guidelines may be available at
19. The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office has the authority to enter the park at any time to check for violations.
20. No ATVs or motorcycles are allowed at Riverside or Harry Gardner Park.
21. Only one RV per site is allowed at Harry Gardner Park.