Emergency Management

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Department of Emergency Management

DEM utilizes Facebook for most up-to-date information and announcements. A personal Facebook account is not necessary, public is able to view government pages like any other webpage. Click on the picture above to go directly to that page.

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Hyper-Reach is the vendor DEM uses for Community Alerts (the ability to call your residence or cellphone with emergency information). Landlines are automatically registered, cellphones must be added by following the link below. It's important to choose Voice or Voice & Text to ensure you receive emergent Community Alerts. Please note the important difference for Weather Alerts as explained below.

IMPORTANT: Weather alerts can also be received through Hyper-Reach from National Weather Service, but choose carefully and understand there can be numerous weather alerts at many hours of the day. Voice messages are the default and you will most likely not want that choice. Choose text if you don't mind receiving texts at all hours or choose "none" and utilize a weather app instead for the same information.