Credit/Debit Card Payments

The Point&Pay payment system is prepared to process all card and electronic check payments. Click the emblem below to make a payment.

point and pay Opens in new window

Pay by E-Check, Credit Card or Debit Card

  • click the Point&Pay emblem above
  • $2.00 transaction fee for E-Check
  • Credit Card transaction fee 2.5% or $2.00 minimum
  • VISA Debit Card transaction fee $3.95
  • Search by Property ID

To pay taxes by phone, please call 1-855-857-3624 for the automated line or dial 1-888-891-6064 option 1 to reach the call center.

  • Be certain to listen carefully to the instructions. Enter one key at a time and wait for the next prompt.
  • You will need to have your account number to phone in a payment; parcel numbers will not work.
  • Payments made by midnight on the due date are timely and will not be charged a penalty.

Please note:

Any card payment can take up to five days to electronically reach the office. You need to keep your confirmation number
as receipt of payment.

Tax certifications required under RCW 84.56 or RCW 84.60 cannot be issued until taxes are receipted into the
Treasurer's Office.

The Treasurer's Office cannot accept a credit card payment to process excise affidavits, due to the three day
processing period.