Environmental Health Unit (EHU)

Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s Stay Home - Stay Healthy Order, the EHU will be closed to the public for the duration of the Order.

With the exception of tank replacements and septic repairs:
  • During this time, no new applications will be accepted.
  • During this time, no permits will be issued.
  • Other than what is defined in the Proclamation as an essential permit, no inspections will commence until the order is lifted.
We look forward to opening just as soon as we can and will provide further updates as things evolve. For questions, please contact the EHU:

The Environmental Health Unit of the Health Department engages the public in discussion of environmental factors that may have an effect on their health Bays Waterand safety. The services offered by the Unit are provided in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Health and Washington State Department of Ecology . Through regulation, enforcement, and education activities, the Environmental Health Unit strives to reduce the level of risk posed by environmental health hazards and to protect and preserve Cowlitz County’s environment and public health.

Rules for Hearings

The Environmental Health Unit is responsible for regulating the following programs: